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Why Did You Sell My House?

Hi John;

Not to sound ungrateful because we really are happy that you sold our house, but I have a business related question for you. How did you do it? We’ve had 2 other agents try to sell this place but you didn’t seem to have any difficulty when they couldn’t do it in 6 months of trying. What’s your secret?

– Name Witheld

Hello ______,

Thanks for the compliment, I think. *laugh*

Yes, you did have a bad run of it for a while there. I’m glad that my team and I were able to take care of the sale for you. Maybe that’s my secret, my team is awesome. They work better and harder than anyone I know. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career trying to put together the “perfect team” and I think I’m darned closed.

But the results of this team are the reason your home sold. We have a more reliable system for staying in contact with buyers, so finding the buyer for your home was that much easier… we already had their email address!

We do things differently, more focused, and never take our eye off the reason why you hired us. To sell your home. Nobody on my team will be trying to sell you Amway, junk jewelry, or miracle cure makeup. We sell real estate, and that’s all we do. No side businesses.

But I am glad that we sold your house. You handled the process beautifully; you had every right to be a LOT more stressed out than you were. I know I would have been! But you kept your composure, so I think you have every reason to be proud of yourselves.

Thanks again for having me as your Realtor!

John Carle
ReMax Real Estate
(780) 701-9090


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