Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Before soldiers to go war, they are taught the “rules of engagement”. This is done so that they know how to behave when things get stressful, and what is expected of them.

While we aren’t soldiers and we aren’t going to war, we still think that it’s best for you to know what our rules of engagement are. The following will show you how we will behave when things get stressful.

1. Everyone deserves repsect, and will be treated with respect from us.

2. Sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear, but you’ll hear it from us anyways.

3. We will be polite.

4. We will adhere to all board, provincial, and national real estate laws.

5. We work in the best interests of our clients, even if it’s not “the way it’s always done”.

6. One of our team members is always available, and always local.

7. Our clients are in charge of all decisions. We are in charge of the process. So we won’t tell you what to do, and you don’t tell us how to do it.