Our Team of Specialists

Our REALTORS are the front line troops, your first line of contact to the team. But behind the team are a lot of highly skilled professionals, working hard every day to make your real estate experience a great experience. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them, to give you an idea of our resources.


Marjun O.


If you get an email from us in the middle of the night, it’s likely from Marjun. If you’re “blown away” by how quickly your paperwork gets processed; that’s Marjun again. Marjun is our team manager; he knows day in and day out exactly what’s going on and how to prepare for it.

His sphere of responsibility extends from processing listing and transaction paperwork right through to posting our advertising and organizing our open houses. To put it bluntly; he’s responsible for everything.

Almost all of our administrators answer to Marjun, he keeps them organized and on task to create the results you will come to appreciate. He’s a task master, who leads our team by example. Nobody, and we do mean nobody, works as hard as Marjun.


Jeanne L.


A big part of being a successful real estate team is the relationships we form, and the services we provide. But with such a large team, it’s hard to stay on top of everything. So we have Jeanne! She stays on top of the workload, making sure things are getting done for our clients. She generates the reports, updates the blog and the Facebook page, and makes sure that we’re maintaining the proper relationships with both our clients and our industry.

Jeanne is one of those genuinely nice people; a real sweetheart. Which is why she’s so effective at her job; it’s in her nature!


Carl B.

RE/MAX Broker

Our relationship with our office Broker/Owner is a unique one; he’s not our manager as much as our mentor and coach. Carl sees it all… the good, the bad, and the ugly of our industry. It’s because of that experience that he lends such value to our team; he helps us predict problems before the become serious.

Many REALTORS rely on their Broker to tell them what to do, and to motivate them to start or build their businesses. But Carl doesn’t tell us what to do, but rather helps us to find ways to do things nobody else has done before.


Team RE/MAX Real Estate (North Branch)


Many agents consider the agents in their office to be competitors, but not us! We value their opinions, input, and ideas. It’s because of them that we manage to maintain such a high degree of market knowledge; we listen to more than 125 agents in our office talk about the market on a regular basis.

That’s why Knock-Knock is at RE/MAX Real Estate North Branch; the largest RE/MAX office in Northern Alberta. That many high producing agents talking about the market, observing market trends and change, and discussing real estate on a daily basis… What a tremendous resource!