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What about homes that are For Sale By Owner?

I sometimes have Buyer clients looking at Edmonton real estate listings and St Albert real estate listings, ask “what about private sales?”

I say, “good question.”  Let’s talk about them for a second.

I believe that anyone is free to sell their car, bicycle, boat, and yes even their home on their own. We live in a free country.

Now, do I think it’s the best way to sell your home? No. And for a few reasons. I won’t go into great depth here because I already have a page on this website about For Sale by Owners and why they should use a REALTOR® such as us to sell their home.

In regards to buyers, For Sale by Owners are more difficult for me to show.

I try to show each pre-approved buyer a selection of homes, so they can choose the home that they want. With homes on the MLS® this is quite easy.

I contact the listing REALTOR® to set-up an appointment but the seller will not have to be home when we go through. This is because we have an electronic key container system to hold the keys and get access to the home. I can show a series of homes to a buyer with ease.

Now, I will show the buyer a For Sale by Owner but I have to make an appointment that is convenient to the seller because they have to be home to let us in. Plus, Buyers might be nervous when a home-owner is there because they are looking in the closets with the owner there.

Either way a seller decides, it’s their home to sell. It’s just that I believe there are many pluses to having a hard-working, caring REALTOR® like us work with you to get your home  SOLD.

Organized real estate has been around for 150+ years, so it must be doing something right.

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