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Welcome to Edmonton. It snows here. A lot.

Welcome to Edmonton. It snows here. A lot. I mean, it really really snows a lot.

Yes, we have a lovely river valley, and magnificent parks. The people are amazing, and there’s always West Edmonton Mall if you like to shop. We have terrific festivals, and a great arts scene.

But it does snow here. A lot.

Most people moving to Edmonton just don’t have any clue as to what they’re in for. They think they know what it means to have a lot of snow. They don’t. They have no idea.

We get tonnes of the stuff. Heavy and wet. Light and fluffy. You name it, we get it. And we get a lot of it!

Edmonton is often criticized because we “all drive SUV’s and Trucks”. Well let me tell you, that cute little convertible of yours is absolutely useless in our winters. Get yourself a 4 wheel drive. Preferably with some ground clearance. Lots of clearance. Or you will get stuck. And while Edmontonians are some of the nicest and most generous people in the world; we have little patience for someone who’s convertible is stuck on the freeway during a blizzard because they weren’t wise enough to leave it in the garage.

By the way, when you move to Edmonton you’ll get a new definition of the world Blizzard. We get the real ones. The “blizzards” that shut down other cities? We don’t even consider those to be real snow storms. Our school buses aren’t even late in those storms; and they’re no excuse to be late for work.

When a real blizzard hits Edmonton… and by “real” I mean zero visibility, several feet of the white stuff, so deep you can’t tell where the road ends and the ditch starts because they’re both just 1 big pile of snow…. when those hit, you’d better be at work on time too. Living in Edmonton means you don’t let the snow get in your way. You still get up, go to work, and get yourself a coffee on the way. The drive throughs will be cleared; that’s one thing we just won’t sacrifice around here.

Get a snow blower. Seriously. You think you’re going to lift all that snow? Forget about it. Get a snow blower. Gas powered; you’ll need the extra muscle.

Winter tires. No matter how good you THINK your all seasons are, they aren’t good enough. “All seasons” means all seasons for people south of us. Up here, we have real winter. Get real winter tires. On your truck. Just sell your little econobox, because when it gets stuck in one of our snow storms… you’re not going to see it again until spring. And we won’t pay attention as we drive over it in our real cars; because in these storms we don’t stop for nothin.

All this snow may scare you; but let me tell you. The great people and amazing opportunities are why people move to Edmonton; and the snow is a minor inconvenience when you consider all of the benefits of living in Edmonton.

Welcome to Edmonton. It snows here.


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