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Using the Least Toxic Pest Control Products

By now, you (and your building manager or landlord, if you’re a tenant) have done all you can to cut off food, water and hiding places for cockroaches. But you still need to take some action against the cockroaches themselves. If you own your own house, you can do most of this work yourself. If you are a tenant, most of the work will be done by a pest control company hired by your landlord.

There are several kinds of pest control products that are much better and less toxic than the traditional sprays. They come in various forms, such as baits, bait stations, gels and powders. With these kinds of products, your exposure to pesticides is lower than if you use sprays. So will health risks. Always avoid skin contact with pastes, gels or powders containing pesticides.

WARNING About Illegal Pesticides

Many variety and discount stores are selling two pesticide products illegally imported from China. The federal government has issued a warning to the public against buying these unregistered products. The most common is a chalk used to control cockroaches. The chalk, which looks like the white chalk sticks used on blackboards, is labeled MIRACULOUS INSECTICIDE CHALK and may be a health hazard. It has been found to contain a pesticide called deltamethrin. It may also be contaminated with lead.

Another product that is finding its way into stores is called COCKROACH SWEEPER and contains an illegal pesticide called mirex.

Illegal product
Do not purchase or use these illegal products

Some Common Pest Control Products

Many different pest control products are permitted for sale in Canada. A few of the preferred products useful in an IPM program are listed. These products are less toxic than most pesticide sprays. Furthermore, unlike sprays, they come in a form (i.e. bait stations, gel, paste, powder) that prevents them from spreading throughout your home into places where your family – particularly children and pets – may come in contact with them.

Examples of Preferred Pest Control Products
(Used in IPM Program)

Type Pesticide Name Active Ingredient
Bait Stations Impact®
Mr. Roach Killer®
Boric acid
Baits Blue Diamond® Paste
MaxForce® Gel
Boric acid
Dusts BoraDust®
Insectigone® 100 % Natural Cockroach & Ant Killer
Boric acid
Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide)

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