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Using a wood stove or a fireplace? This is great info from CMHC.

For many years I used a wood-stove to help heat my acreage house in Manitoba. First, I had to describe its location and installation to the insurance company to get insurance. Then came finding, splitting, storing, and burning different kinds of wood. Questions like…

Poplar, oak, ash. How dry should they be? How much wood is a Cord? What is a face-cord?

It was only later that I found the CMHC “Guide to Residential Wood Heating”. It is full of excellent information. I highly recommend it to any one who burns wood or is looking at buying a wood-burning appliance.

It also makes you look like a pro. Everyone always marvels at my ability to make a quick, long-burning fire. It’s called the “Top-down Fire” and its a great way to build your fire.

Here is the link to follow:



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