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Upward trend for Single Family home prices continues in April #yeg #yegre

April didn’t buck the trend in pricing for single family homes in Edmonton. Since the start of the year, we’ve seen incremental price increases in the price of single family dwellings every single month. It’s not much, from month-to-month. The average price was less than one percent higher in April than March. The comparison between the same time last year is even closer, at just point four percent.


  • Average single family home price in January, $362,926
  • Average single family home price in February, $375,268
  • Average single family home price in March, $380,083
  • Average single family home price in April, $382,384


Sellers seem to be finding inspiration in the trend, as more and more For Sale signs hit the lawns. For buyers, the gradual nature of the price increases give the sense that you don’t have to rush into a decision. Prices aren’t fluctuating wildly. At the same time, you can see how much even these slight increases month-to-month have made a difference from January to April. So if you’re at a time in your life where a move to a single family home is something you’re considering, remember that your local REALTOR® is here when life happens.




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