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The Way We Live: Edmonton’s People Plan


The Way We Live: Edmonton’s People Plan was approved by City Council on July 7, 2010.

This 10-year strategic plan redefines local government as a caring entity that creates a diverse and inclusive city by connecting people, creating communities where people can age in place and actively nurturing an arts, culture and athletic community.

The plan advances The Way Ahead: City of Edmonton’s Strategic Plan 10-year goal of improving Edmonton’s livability and integrates with, complements, and adds to the City of Edmonton’s other long-range strategic plans — The Way We Grow and The Way We Move.

The Way We Live: Edmonton’s People Plan acknowledges the municipal government’s role in bringing people together to create a civil, socially sustainable and caring society where people have opportunities to thrive and realize their potential in a safe, attractive city.

Edmonton, like other cities, often goes beyond its role as a municipal service provider. As the order of government closest to residents, the City is often asked to actively partner and advocate with other organizations and other orders of government to address issues outside of its scope of responsibility such as housing, health care and education.

The Way We Live: Edmonton’s People Plan helps clarify the role the City has in quality of life issues. Throughout the design, development and implementation of people services, the City of Edmonton consults and works with residents and community groups to gain their views.

An implementation plan is currently being developed.

The plan includes six goals summarized below. You can also view a copy of the complete The Way We Live: Edmonton’s People Plan from the related documents section.


The Way We Live Plan includes six goals to be achieved within the next 10 years. Read each of the goals and how we propose achieving them.

Goal One

Edmonton is a vibrant, connected, engaged and welcoming city.

Edmontonians value their connections with each other. They see their relationships with nature, their community, history, local government and the world as enriching their lives and contributing to their overall well-being.


Goal Two

Edmonton celebrates life!

Edmontonians love to celebrate! Edmonton is a fun city, bustling with arts, theatre and sporting events. Whether participant or spectator, amateur or professional, Edmontonians celebrate the full spectrum of choices when it comes to enjoying life to the fullest!


Goal Three

Edmonton is a caring, inclusive and affordable community.

Edmontonians care for each other. They want a city where all people have opportunities to achieve their aspirations. Residents appreciate a caring community is one that extends itself to all residents including vulnerable populations.


Goal Four

Edmonton is a safe city.

Edmontonians view their personal and collective safety as fundamental to the livability of their city. Safety is seen as multi-faceted and includes safe drinking water, waste management and disease control. Safety and prevention are entwined.


Goal Five

Edmonton is an attractive city.

Edmontonians love their parks, green spaces, natural areas, river valleys and landscaped boulevards. They embrace the importance of their vibrant arts, culture, entertainment, sports and retail districts. Edmontonians enjoy pleasing and innovative architecture in the city and takes pride in the unique character and history of their neighbourhoods and buildings.


Goal Six

Edmonton is a sustainable city.

Edmontonians want to live in a way that meets the needs of the present while building a strong future. Essential to that is their commitment to building a socially, environmentally, economically and financially sustainable society.



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