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The Way We Green: Environmental Strategic Plan

Preserve and Sustain Edmonton’s Environment

The Way We Green accepted by Council!

The Way We Green was officially adopted by Edmonton City Council on Wednesday, July 20. Thank you to everyone who helped develop, refine and improve the final document.

Please continue to stay involved as we work to implement the action plans included in The Way We Green. You’ll find a copy of the final plan under Related Documents on the right hand navigation bar.

The Way We Green Speakers Series 2012

We’ve now wrapped up the 2011 Speakers Series. If you missed any, you can check out theĀ videos.

Stay tuned for the list of speakers invited for the 2012 Speakers Series!

The City of Edmonton worked with Edmontonians to update its environmental strategic plan (The Way We Green).

Through this process, we learned about the environmental challenges we may face as Edmonton grows, especially those related to water, air, fossil fuel, minerals and soil, climate, renewable resources, ecosystem services and waste absorption.

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