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Should I keep my house fully heated while it’s vacant?

Recently I was asked the question: “Ben, should I keep my house fully heated after I move out and it’s vacant? I will be spending money to heat it for an hour or two of showings each day or two.”

My answer was quick and to the point. “How would you feel walking into a cold house and having to get cold feet walking around in your socks?” Not too kindly I bet.

(Also check with your insurance company, they may have rules that must be followed too)

I have shown houses on occasion that are listed and vacant in Edmonton and St. Albert, where the owner decided to turn the heat way down or even off completely. Boy does it get cold in there. And does it ever turn OFF a potential buyer.

They literally get a cold feeling for the house, right off the bat.

I suggest to my sellers:

1. Have the heat set to a normal temperature during any time the home may be shown.

2. Check to make sure the keys work properly in the locks.

3. Check that all the lights work and that the bulbs are not burnt out (check again every week or so)

4. Ensure the furnace filter is changed. It’s a sign to some, of poor home maintenance.

It’s best to sell your home before you move out but if it doesn’t please keep these points in mind.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

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