Buyer Retention Program

Buyer Retention Program

There’s A Benefit to Being Busy!

We represent a lot of homes on the market, and work with several sellers in the area. As such we get to meet and talk with literally hundreds of buyers in the market. In fact, alone creates more than 50 new buyer contacts every single month. WOW!

But why do you care? Because there are your buyers.

The standard practice in the real estate business is to do the following:

1. respond to the buyer

2. qualify them

3. sell them a home

4. drop them if they don’t buy

5. Umm…. there’s a 5?

Here’s what #5 is all about, and where most of our competitors miss a terrific opportunity. Step 5 is to take all of those buyers who don’t buy a home right away, and keep them in our “Buyer Rentention Program”.

The “Buyer Retention Program” serves to send these 100’s of buyers MLS property information with no hassles, not pestering, and no time limit. We’ll happily email them homes until Armageddon strikes.

BUT… what happens when some of these buyers are looking for a home like yours? Well, we call them! That’s right! We call them right away, and let them know that this terrific new lsiting just came onto the market, and they should really consider it.

Because we aren’t “spamming” them, and because we aren’t “pestering” them, they appreciate our direct and honest response. When we call them about your home, we already have their trust.

But most importantly, we have literally 100’s of buyers sitting in our Buyer Retention Program. Our competitors don’t. That’s what makes us so very effective.

While our competitors are working hard to find the buyers for your home, we’re just calling those buyers directly… because we have already spoken to them!

Simple. Smart. Effective.