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Searching for a home? Most people start on the Internet.

I’ve heard and seen various stats on where people start to look at homes for sale listings. I would say about 80-90% of people looking for a home, begin their search on the internet.

Why not. There are plenty of different sites that are dedicated to showing homes for sale in different areas.

Now, they do vary a little bit in the information given. Sometimes there won’t be many pictures, room sizes etc…  Sometimes that’s also due to the listing REALTOR® making choices on how they list the home too. (I will get into that more in a later blog post)

My recommendations for searches? I’m glad you asked.  You could go to REALTOR.ca and look at the real estate listings there. Or, even better yet you could go through this website and look at the listings.

Even though we are RE/MAX REALTORS®, all the MLS listings are available for you to search. This is because there is an agreement through our local board.

Is this the best way? I’m glad you asked again. In a word… No.

You might not like to hear this, but the best way is to contact a real estate agent like me.

The search system we use to search is completely up-to-date, with all the information you need. We can even set-up home searches so that when any new listings come on the MLS or the asking price changes, you get the information emailed directly to you.

The other sites are often many hours or could be even days behind because they are not able to have real-time access.

So, please use this website to search for a home, sign-up for extra help, or contact us so we can meet and get you the best information and service.

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