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Replacing your roof this year?

Most roofing materials that we find around Alberta have a life-span.

Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, tar and gravel, are some of the types of roofing material that will need to be replaced and there is some simple, commonsense maintenance that can be done to help extend the life of it.

Also, please carefully consider how you inspect your roof. If you have any doubts, hire a professional. Climbing on a roof should never be taken lightly.

Here are some helpful hints I have found as a home-owner:

1. Learn what type of roofing you have, how old it is, and what maintenance it requires,

2. Do things like extend downspouts to the next level to prevent water from running heavily in certain places (see picture)

Down spout

2. Inspect your roof (or have a professional do it) for loose/missing shingles, damaged shakes, etc…

3. Inspect the metal flashings around chimneys, sky-lights etc.. for rust or damage. If in doubt,

have a professional inspect/repair, or replace the flashing.

As well, when you are looking to hire a company to replace your roof educate yourself about what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and not just the price. Make sure it fits with your understanding of the roof , how you are going to maintain it, and how long it will last.


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