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What does Remembrance Day mean to you?

What does Remembrance Day mean to you? Do you attend a Remembrance Day ceremony in your area?

With the Afghanistan conflict taking the headlines, it can be easily dismissed as supporting the war or supporting Bush’s/Obama’s quest for oil……

Not too me. It means that many, many men and women sacrificed (and are still sacrificing) their personal freedoms and too often their lives for the common good of all. I have lost a couple friends in Afghanistan.

During my service career I have visited the Canadian War Graves Cemetery outside the town of Dieppe and the Allied War Graves Cemetery in Ramleh, outside Tel Aviv Israel.

To see the rows and rows of crosses, to read the names of common Joes who put their lives on hold to go and fight somewhere far from home….never to return.

I go to commemorate the Living and the Dead.

Please leave the politics and pettiness aside, so you can think of those that fought and are fighting to keep our way of life.

Lest We Forget.Remembrance Day Poppy

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