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REALTORS® support Community League Day throughout Edmonton

There’s a difference between an area and a community. An area is a geographical region you can look up on a map. A community is people who come together. Throughout our great city there are about 155 Community Associations. These are organizations which work to promote pride in their communities and make your area a wonderful place to live. As a group, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues is where those various associations come together to share ideas, support one another, and plan events. REALTORS® in Edmonton are huge supporters of the Federation of Community Leagues, and we’re very proud to once again sponsor their biggest joint venture of the year – Community League Day!

On September 15th Edmonton is going to buzz with activity, as many associations stage special events. Barbecues, concerts, family festivals, circuses, outdoor movies; there are all kinds of events, in communities throughout Edmonton. Take part in Community League Day and think about becoming a part of your community association – because you don’t want to just exist in an area, you want to live in it. Be part of a community. Visit www.efcl.org to find out what’s happening in your community on September 15th! The Community League Day City Wide Festival is proudly sponsored by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton.

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