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One change can help a few issues – Garbage/Compost Bins for example.

Plastic garbage and compost bins.


Garbage and compost bins like these have been introduced in several communities around Edmonton, and I never gave them much thought. Now, I have been thinking more and more that they have some definite advantages to home-owners and cities alike.


Some that I see are:

1. They allow you to fill them up with heavy loads and they are emptied by a hydraulic lift, not by person power.

2. The garbage and compostables are contained, so dogs/cats and birds (especially crows and magpies) are not attracted by easy food. I have noticed a big decrease in crows and magpies in those cities.

3. The bins have wheels so they should be easier to transport to and from the curb, for the home-owners.

4. We now have the ability to save our compostables before they enter the general garbage stream. Better for the environment too.

As well, everyone should be blue bagging their recyclable cans, bottles, paper, and containers.


I am not sure if Edmonton is looking at possibly moving to this system in the future, but it may be a good idea.


I think these bins are a commonsense approach to getting our garbage and compostables to where they need to be safely and efficiently. Please let me know if you see any other advantages or disadvantages to these bins.


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