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Neighbourhood Renewal

What’s New

Reconstruction is currently underway in the 2011 neighbourhoods and the City will start in six new reconstruction neighbourhoods in 2012.

For the 2012 reconstruction neighbourhoods, public meetings have been arranged to inform residents of the final design. For more info on the current or upcoming neighbourhood renewal projects, please follow the links below.

Reconstruction Schedules


2011 Neighbourhoods 2012 Neighbourhoods


About the Program

The Neighbourhood Renewal Program outlines a cost effective, long-term plan to address the needs of Edmonton’s neighbourhood roads. The program involves the renewal and rebuilding of roads, sidewalks and streetlights in existing neighbourhoods and collector roadways. The Neighbourhood Renewal Program balances the rebuild need in some neighbourhoods with a preventative maintenance approach in others.

Renewing Your Neighbourhood – An Overview

The types of neighbourhood renewal work vary depending on the state of the roads, and include:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Roads are resealed to extend their life span.
  • Overlay – Roads are repaved and sidewalk panels treated to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Reconstruction – Roads are repaved, and streetlights and sidewalks replaced.

Neighbourhood Renewal – Overlay Program 2012-2014

This map shows the current and future neighbourhoods that will receive overlay between 2012 and 2014.

Neighbourhood Renewal – Overlay 2012-2014

Neighbourhood Reconstruction Program 2011-2018

This map shows the current and future neighbourhoods that will receive reconstruction between 2011 and 2018.

Neighbourhood Renewal – Reconstruction 2011-18

Benefits of the Program

  • Combining reconstruction, overlay, and preventative maintenance, neighbourhoods will benefit faster and at a lower cost then a reconstruction only program.
  • Replacement of sidewalks with cracking, grass protruding, and trip hazards.
  • Replacement of uneven curb and gutters.
  • Repave roadways with potholes, cracks, and broken up asphalt.
  • Replacement of rusting and tilted light stands.
  • Construction of curb ramps and other intersection improvements.
  • Addressing missing links in sidewalks and bike system per Sustainable Transportations strategy plans.
  • Decorative streetlight option neighbourhoods scheduled for reconstructed.

Local Improvements

Both sidewalk reconstruction and Decorative street lighting work are subject to the approval of the Local Improvement Bylaw.

Local Improvement Presentation


During reconstruction of a neighbourhood, the cost of replacing sidewalks is shared 50/50 between the City and the property owners.

Decorative Streetlight

Streetlights with standard galvanized streetlight poles are replaced, but property owners can also opt for decorative street lighting. The cost of decorative street lighting is paid by property owners.

Decorative Street Lighting – A local improvement service


The cost is funded through a combination of property taxes, provincial funding, and cost sharing with property owners.

  • Provincial grant funding comes from the Alberta Municipal Infrastructure Program (AMIP) and Municipal Sustainability Infrastructure (MSI).
  • The Neighbourhood Renewal property Tax Levy (2% in 2009 and 2010 and 1.5% in 2011) is a dedicated property tax levy that provides continuing municipal commitment to renewing neighbourhood roads.
  • City initiated sidewalk reconstruction projects are shared 50% with residents via a sidewalk reconstruction local improvement.
  • City initiated Alley reconstruction projects are shared 50% with residents via an alley reconstruction local improvement.

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