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Moving your family and your possessions when you’re posted

The government calls it “transferring your F + E (furnishings and effects) to your new posting location.” Mostly everyone else just calls it “moving”.

And all the joys that go with it. I had to move several times while I was in the military so I know a fair bit about it.

If you were able to get your kids enrolled in their new school(s) on your house hunting trip, that was a bonus. I give clients a list of Edmonton and area utilities, cable companies etc. so they can get those set-up in advance.

Organizing your old home to have the packers pack all your belongings meant that:

a) we had to have a small room set aside, so the packers don’t pack certain things you need,

b) we had the military kit we would need before we left and also for when you are at your new location waiting for your F+E to arrive,

c) having toys, books, and other kids stuff for the trip and the hotel rooms.

I had good luck with all the movers I dealt with. You still need to have one or both of you keep detailed track of the boxes and moving tags going on to and off the moving truck. If you have to make a claim for damaged or missing goods then it will benefit you when you make your claim.

Another big issue is how are you getting to your new home. Driving? Flying? Most people drive and we all have extras that can’t go on the moving truck. For one move I bought a roof-top carrier to transport it all. That worked great. My next move saw me owning a pick-up, so it solved that.

Another dimension that also has to be thought of is Pets. We were able to put our two cats in their own travel crates and carry them in one of the cars. It was kind of fun, being serenaded by the meows of two felines who are used to free-rein of the house. We had to pre-book hotels that accept pets. Motels often do.

I found that when you book a hotel/motel at your new city it is good to have pet-friendly lodging. Most times we didn’t really need it because our new home was vacant and we could just put the cats in with food and a litter-box. But have a fall-back plan.

So you’re arriving in your new location, don’t forget to call Base Traffic right away. If the driver of your moving truck is on the ball, they gave you their cell phone # so you can stay in touch as to where they are. You still need to check-in with Base Traffic to get the truck to your new home.

The last point for this blog entry, is one of the most important. Kids and taking care of their needs! The move is a big upheaval for them especially. We relied heavily on our friends (and/or family if available) to take care of our kids while packing and unpacking the moving truck. They can be a giant help with lots of things.

On the whole, being posted can be quite stressful but having a plan and good communication with the base personnel, movers, and friends can go a long way to reducing the stresses. I hope these few ideas and suggestions are helpful. If you have any real estate related questions, please call or email me too.







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