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Lawyers as Real Estate Agents?

I received this question from a client of mine.

“Hey Ben, I heard that some lawyers in Ontario want to cut out the real estate agent and do it all. What’s with that?”

I read something like that. Everyone on our “team” has an important role to play in the home-selling and home-buying process. Us, as licensed REALTORS┬«, do the work that we are licensed to do. Listing and showing houses, meeting with clients to write or negotiate offers… you get what we mean. Our office assistant keeps us sorted and organised.

Now it also the same for the Lawyers, Home Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers, they all have important roles to perform.

The Knock-Knock Real Estate Team (REALTORS® and assistant) provides the real estate expertise for our clients. We also rely on the expertise of other professionals like lawyers and home inspectors etc.. to assist in successfully completing a sale or purchase.


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