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I’m Buying a Brand-New Home, so “Why do I need a Real Estate Agent?”

I’m Buying a brand-new home, so “Why do you need a Real Estate Agent?”

This seems a logical question for those interested in buying a brand-new home, while wanting to save all they can. After all, you can talk with the home builder or their sales rep and you can quickly be the owner of a brand-new home, plus you can do it all without ever having to sit down with those “gasp” REALTORS®.

But what you may not realize is that the money you are saving by skipping out on the Realtor isn’t really being saved at all. In fact, those who don’t use a Realtor likely are costing themselves more in the long-run. Why, you say?

For starters:

1. Your agent is a licensed professional, meaning he or she has a wealth of knowledge and resources unavailable to the unrepresented home buyer,

2. By hiring a Knock-Knock Team agent, you also save yourself the time and energy of doing quite a bit of legwork. Many buyers justify not using an agent because they figure they can do this work themselves,

3. Real estate agents are also your personal advocates. During the process they represent your interests and want to get you the best deal possible – after all, their jobs and reputation depend on it! In some cases, an experienced agent can even negotiate with the seller’s non-negotiable prices to get you a better deal or possession date,

4. Choices. We can help you compare different builders, and even see if a one or two year old home could be better value. Then you may have a home with the landscaping, fencing, and deck already done for you, and

5. We are usually paid through the seller, so it doesn’t cost you to use our services as a Buyer.

Before you go into that beautiful Show Home, remember that it is meant to be perfectly staged and finished to WOW you. They do look really good, but lots of the finishes are upgrades and cost thousands extra. We will help you compare costs and finishes between different builders and areas.

The builders sales rep might not have any interest in helping you, the buyer, get a better price or extras.  Their job is to get the best possible deal for the builder. The builder probably will not give you a discount because you aren’t represented by an agent. By going into the transaction unrepresented, you are up against a Seller that works the housing sales business everyday, while you do not.

So instead of asking yourself, “Why should I use an agent?” the real question is, “Why wouldn’t you hire an agent?”

Hiring an agent will save you time today and money tomorrow.


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