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Happy Birthday to Chuck Norris – Born March 10th, 1940

Its Chuck Norris’ birthday today and he is still held out to be one of the worlds toughest men. In reality though, Chuck Norris does not turn 72 … 72 turns Chuck Norris!

I have been a fan for many years and especially an aficionado of Chuck Norris jokes.

My 3 favorites are:

– “Many kids like to wear Superman pajamas, but in reality Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas”

– “City planners were planning on naming a street after Chuck Norris but quickly realized they couldn’t.  Commonsense told them it would be impossible and unsafe. They remembered that Nobody Crosses Chuck Norris and Lives!

– “Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.”


I have to add a Knock-Knock Joke, well because this is the Knock-Knock website:

– “Chuck Norris loves knock knock jokes. Too bad nobody can finish one because Chuck Norris finishes them off when they don’t  not let Chuck in.”


If you search the internet you will find many, many more Chuck Norris jokes. All in good fun.


Happy Birthday and many more years of being one of the worlds toughest men!





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