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Estate Planning- Its a fact of life. (Part 1 of 3)

I sort of apologize that these blog posts are not a happy subject, but it is something that unfortunately needs to be addressed by everyone.

I (and my family)  have experienced a lot of loss in the last 20 months, so we have had first-hand experience with most of this.

My father passed away suddenly in Oct 2010 in British Columbia, my older brother was mortally injured in an accident in Thailand in 2011, and my mother recently passed away in Ontario.

One of the reasons I prefer to work on a real estate team is that it gives me the ability to have my clients taken care of when I need or want some time away. When my brother was very critically injured in Thailand, I was on a plane within 2 days, and i ultimately spent 37 days in Bangkok standing by his hospital bed.

This team allowed me to do that, and I thank them for that.

As well, having someone who has a valid passport and can travel on short notice is quite useful for a family sometimes.

One of the big things I also have going for me is family and friends who work together and help. If someone is injured or passes away then if everyone can communicate, be understanding, and not be greedy then it will help matters immensely! I have that and I am very grateful!!

We all have family, either in the same town, province, or somewhere around the world. Spending some time on planning for possible happenings, or for (sorry to say) when some one passes away, can help in the long run. Please don’t put off the commonsense discussion or planning because you don’t like to discuss it.

As you know  “Life Happens, Whether You Like it or Not!!!”

All the best,


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In Part 2 of this series I will discuss my view on Wills and Executors (It will be posted July14/2012) , and then in Part 3 I will talk about my views on Estate real estate and other assets (It will be posted July 21/2012).

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