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Alberta economic shapshot for May 26, 2012

Low interest rates are apparently enticing Canadians to buy new homes, along with motor vehicles and parts, as vehicle related sales have been riding higher. Motor vehicle and part dealers (which account for 23 per cent of all retail sales) reported an .




Buying and Living Local

One of the common challenges we face in our daily lives is to find a balance between what we believe is ideally important and valuable, and what is achievable within our abilities, time and income. As we have seen in previous posts, when it comes to food, many say the importance of making the local food choice is critical…




2012 RE/MAX Balloon Season Has Begun!

The RE/MAX Balloon is now proudly flying across the sky in cities across Western Canada….




North LRT to NAIT Construction Update

We’re keeping an aggressive schedule so we can stay on track to officially open the new line in April 2014. Although work continued on the North LRT over the winter, most of it happened off of major roadways. This year’s warmer temperatures meant that major roadworks for the project were able to start early in March….




Inviting Ideas for New Neighbourhood Building Blocks

Edmonton is a young and growing city, and we are continuously planning and building new neighbourhoods. To meet the city’s growth needs over the coming decades, Edmonton will continue planning and building new neighbourhoods that will provide the homes and communities for many Edmontonians in the future….



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