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Condo construction causes fears in some markets – but not Edmonton #yeg #yegre

Here in Edmonton, CMHC reports that the market is “well-supplied” but that the inventory is trending down. Competition is keeping the prices down and as a result the supply of units under construction is flat. Unless builders can recoup their investments they are not going to start a project that could take up to five years to build and ten years to sell through.




REALTOR® Prez has advice for listing your home #yeg #yegre

Not surprisingly, Doug suggested that you confer with a REALTOR® to determine a reasonable asking price and try to avoid making the pricing decision based on the emotion you have invested in your home. He went on to suggest that you make your home as attractive as possible with minor fixups or even having it staged by a designer or professional home stager.



Housing bubble fears just hot air – Economist #yeg #yegre

The Central 1 Credit Union chief economist instead says prices aren’t soaring dramatically and he expects continued stability over the short term in the Lower Mainland. “The Vancouver market is still obviously very expensive,” Pastrick said. “But it’s not skyrocketing away from us. Nor is it likely to fall into the tank either.”…




Home Owners Associations impose restrictions on privately held property #yeg #yegre

There was a time when you bought a home in the suburbs and became the master of your domain. If you adhered to municipal bylaws and didn’t break the law, your home was your castle. You could paint, plant and park on your property as you saw fit. But in some neighbourhoods it is not so simple. In recent years urban planner and home builders have created…




Edmonton housing starts move higher in April – CMHC #yeg #yegre

Edmonton, May 8, 2012 – According to preliminary figures released today by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), housing starts in the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) increased in April to 967 units from 758 starts in April 2011. For the year-to-date, housing starts totalled 3,172 units, up from 2,323 during the first four months of 2011…




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