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Edmonton real estate market shifts upward – #yeg #yegre

If you want to gauge consumer confidence, follow the money! In Edmonton, the trail will lead to the higher priced end of the Real Estate market. There’s a shift in the market, as more consumers are buying higher priced homes! The sales numbers from August help illustrate the change in the composition of the market.

In August 2011, 59% of single family homes were sold for less than $375,000

In August of this year, only 53% of single family homes sold for less than $375,000

At the same time 15% percent of single family homes are selling for over $500,000 this year.

What this means is that consumers are confident in the market. This shows that buyers’ view of Edmonton’s market is rosy, with an expectation of stability. No matter which side of $375,000 you find yourself shopping on, there is a home to suit your budget and the circumstances in your life. You’ll find it with your Local REALTOR® – here when life happens.


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