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Don’t Read This Blog Post

If you break it down, our job as Realtors is to get people’s attention. Many agents get muddled in all of the other subsidiary duties, such as doing paperwork, or building websites, or tweeting/twittering/whatever-you-call-it-ing or designing a new brochure. But when you boil it all down, our job is to get people’s attention. When selling your home, we have to get buyers’ attention. When looking for a home for you, we have to get the attention of the sellers. But we have to get people’s attention!

Which is what the title of this blog did with you. It got your attention.

Often times a small thing, like a silly blog post title, will get a lot of attention. Sure, we could have spent huge money driving random traffic to a properly worded blog title “Getting The Consumers Attention”. But by thinking outside the box, we had the same effect with a lot less effort.

Getting people’s attention isn’t a new thing. It’s what made people rich on Madison Avenue in the big advertising firms. They’ve been “Getting people’s attention” for years. But HOW you get people’s attention has been changing, and requires creativity and thoughtfulness. What works 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and even last month, might not work today.

So when hiring your Realtor, make sure he/she can get people’s attention. ASK them “How do you get people’s attention?” If they start telling you all about how they designed their brochure and how they have good support in their office… they aren’t getting people’s attention.

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