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Daylight Savings Home Maintenance Checklist

Twice a year we change our clocks for Daylight Savings Time. It’s also a fantastic memory trigger to check the mechanical systems in your home and do some simple maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

Here are a few ideas. We’d love to hear your suggestions on things to add to this list! Add your items in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Smoke Detectors

Twice a year you should change the batteries in your smoke detector, no matter if they’re dead or not. This is definitely a safety system you don’t want failing in the next 6 months! Most smoke detectors run on 9V batteries, unless they’re hard wired into the home. (Building Code in Edmonton requires a hard wired smoke detector.)

It’s also a good idea to test the function of your smoke detector. Take a small piece of paper or kleenex, and put it into a deep bowl. Light it on fire and put it under your smoke detector. If the smoke detector doesn’t go off, get a new one!


Sump Pump

Test that your sump pump is working properly by either plugging both power cords directly into the wall, or by lifting the arm up until it goes off. If it doesn’t work, service it immediately.


Doors And Windows

Now’s a great time to check for drafts. Using a BBQ lighter, check for drafts at all of the windows and doors around your home. Use spray foam, ribbin insulation, or whatever you think is best to fill the gaps. Doing this can save you a bundle in heating costs through the cold Edmonton winter!


Locks and Security

Are your locks set properly? Do they slide into place easily and securely? Is that deadbolt handle starting to give and jiggle? Now is a good time to check them, make sure your home is safe, and replace locks that aren’t working properly. Rusty locks where the key is hard to insert can use a dose of WD-40 or oil to make life easier for you.

Check the exterior of your home. Make sure there’s nothing under your windows to give would-be burglars easy access to the windows. Trim back any plants for trees that give them a hiding place while trying to get into the home.


Test Your Alarm System

It works, right? Are you sure? Why not take a few minutes to test the various connections and processes of your security alarm.


Furnace Filter

When was the last time you changed it? Be honest…

A neat trick is to buy a cheap filter and spray it with PAM. This catches more dust particles than just a cheap filter, and is as good as a top quality filter. But much less expensive. And why not buy several filters at once? It’s best to have them on hand.


Tighten Everything

Take a multihead screw driver and go tighten every door handle, toilet seat, and electrical outlet. If there’s something that can be tightened, do it. You’d be amazed how much longer these things last when they’re snugly fit into place.


Anything else? Got some suggestions on things people can do to maintain their home on this Daylight Savings Time? We’d love to hear from you…

And enjoy the extra hour of sleep tonight!!


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