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City Vision and Strategic Plan

A creative description of Edmonton’s future, the city vision guides decisions, helps set direction and encourages us to align our priorities as we work to make Edmonton the city we want it to become in 2040.

Take a river boat from one shore of the world’s largest urban park to the other. From the water, look up and consider the skyline, the bustling core and the towers and urban villages to the east and west. The people on the sidewalks and trails, from First Nations to new Canadians, linked by a common purpose — to learn, prosper, and celebrate. Take the LRT in any direction from here and you’ll be in the heart of somewhere special. Welcome to Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, a northern city of art, ideas, research and energy.

Edmonton is an energy city. Energy drawn from the ground and from above; from the sun and wind. But the true power of Edmonton is the spark in its people.

Edmonton is a city of design – urban design, architectural design, and environmental design. Walk its safe leafy neighbourhoods and ride its efficient and accessible transportation system. The city has grown up; now we’re building smarter.

Edmonton drives a regional economy that is powerful and diverse, oriented toward the future. Visit the universities and colleges, the humming research parks, the downtown office towers: Edmonton is a destination for advanced technologies, health care, and green energy.

Edmonton is a recreation city, an arts city. It is a city that embraces all seasons. Run, ride or ski on its trails and fields, cheer in its arenas and stadiums. Enjoy the museums, galleries, clubs, and theatres. Read its novels, watch its films. Spend an hour or a week in the glorious North Saskatchewan River Valley, the world’s largest preserved park.

Edmonton is a city of many cultures, educational opportunities, and all political and social orientations; yet its citizens are inspired by a shared vision and the certainty that this city on a river is one of the most special places on earth.



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