Pet Friendly Condos

Are you looking for a condo, but keep running up against condo boards that won’t let your dog or cat in? We see it all the time! It’s hard to find a condo for yourself and your pet, as many have strict bylaws against dogs and even cats. It makes buying your first home, or downsizing into a condo, really very difficult and unpleasant!


We’ve compiled a list of associations that are pet friendly, and are continuously updating this list as we find and work with new associations. We can work with you to find the right building for yourself and your Furbaby.

Let’s find your family a home…


within 24 hours
Once you send in your contact information, one of our agents will get into contact with you to talk about what you need in a home. We’ll discuss everything from the homes features, to price and location, to the type and size of your pet.

within 3 days 
you can expect to be in a position to be looking at homes that suit your needs, based on the information you’ve shared with the agent. This doesn’t mean you have to buy one in 3 days, oh no!, just that you should have some reasonable options that suit your needs. Take as long as YOU need to pick a home; but we won’t be slow in getting you the things you need.

when you’re ready 
You’ll get to spend many long and happy years living in your condo with your pet, starting with a NICE home buying experience. AWESOME!


To start, please send us the information below. One of our agents will be in contact with you within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from us, something went terribly wrong in the cyber world. So you can always contact us at 780-701-9090 as well.

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