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Bus Benches Are For Asses

Back in the early 1900’s, people would stand around on the side of the street and wait for the bus to arrive. That’s when one brilliant lazy individual decided to install benches at the bus stops, so we could all park our butts somewhere while waiting for someone else to drive us to where we wanted to go. It worked. It still works.

In the 1980’s somebody thought it would be a great idea to turn these bus benches, these pedestals of transit convenience, into outlets for advertising and self promotion. They became an overnight success for Realtors, as they were cheap alternatives to full sized billboards. For the price of a single billboard, you can put out 10 bus benches! Heck… if you planned your route home from work properly… you would get to see your own smiling face 10 times! To get the same return to your ego from a billboard, you’d have to drive around in circles. That just wouldn’t work, would it?

So the bus benches became the uber sized business cards of the modern Realtor. After all, nobody likes to see their own smiling face on a 8′ chunk of wood like a Realtor.

But I don’t know if anyone stopped to ask; “How do these things sell our clients’ houses?” Have you ever had that thought? Have the bus benches in your neighbourhood ever made you run out and dropped $300,000 on a house?

I didn’t think so.

Because here’s the ugly truth about bus benches. They are 100% completely and totally useless for getting your home sold. I’ve never met someone who was sitting at the bus in the morning, drinking their double decaf mocha chocha frappa rappa, leaned over to scratch their “whatever”, realized they were sitting on a Realtors face, and said to themselves ‘Hey! I should buy that lovely 3 bedroom bungalow over on 5th street that this person has for sale”.

It simply doesn’t work. At least not getting a home sold.

But it does work in certain ways. First, it gives the agent’s a serious ego boost. Don’t kid yourself on the importance of an agent’s ego. You should take it seriously; because they sure do! (HA! I just had to say that; and you know you were thinking it.) As Realtors, or any salesperson, your ego position is important. A salesperson has to be confident, or they simply won’t be effective at their jobs. So ego is actually important, all jokes aside.

It also helps the agents’ business. Part of what we do is finding and pursuing new listing business. It’s a well known fact that people call the agent who’s sign and ads they see all the time. So if you see 4 or 5 bus benches on your way home from the same Realtor, you’re more than likely going to call that agent. Or at least consider him/her to be credible when you do meet to discuss the sale of your home. It helps the agents’ business.

Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not down on my colleagues for doing self promotion and generating listing business. I spend time and money getting new listings. Every agent who’s in the business, and staying in the business for any length of time, has to do it. But I am suggesting that you check to make sure it’s not ALL your agent is doing. Because you’re not hiring her/him to get more listings, but to get buyers for your home. Keep that in mind when hiring a Realtor.

The moral of this story? Before you hire an agent, find out what they’ll do to actually get your home sold. How do they get buyer leads? How do they manage those leads? Basically, how will they get your home SOLD?!? Because a $1,500/month bus bench budget is about as useful to you as the lease payment on your agents’ Mercedes. Yes, you’re paying for both… but neither will result in the sale of your home.


  1. This is too funny. I didn’t expect his from a realtor; I laughed my ass off!

  2. Yeah! This was some real entertainment; and informative too. It’s nice that a Realtor can admit that these bus benches are a waste of my money.

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