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Ben, we want to buy a brand new house…

“Hey Ben,  we want to buy a new home, do we really need to get a home inspection?”

I was asked this question recently and it just so happens that the Edmonton Journal has an article in the paper along that lines to-day.  There are many excellent new home builders but it’s still “caveat emptor”… Buyer beware.

I have taken buyers into new home builders and had them try to tell the buyers they don’t need a home inspection. I tell my clients to get one because it protects their best interests. If the houses are properly built, it should be evident in the inspection.

I also encourage my clients to use their own lawyer, not the builder’s lawyer. Once again, it is money well spent. Like us, your lawyer is working for you and in your best interests.

If you have any questions about buying a new home, just give us a call.


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