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Average price of single family homes unchanged month over month #yeg #yegre

If you picked up a copy of Real Estate Weekly from a month ago and compared it to this one, you’d see a lot of different listings, a lot of different information and some very similar numbers when it comes to housing prices. The average price of single family homes in Edmonton barely changed at all from July to August. Actually, the same holds true of the all residential price figure as well.

Average Single family home price-$384,477 –down 0.15% from July.

While things haven’t changed much on a month-to-month basis, the story is a little different year-to-year. In August, the average price of a single family home was 3.8% higher than a year ago. That indicates that the market in Edmonton still remains quite strong. The steady nature of pricing encourages both buyers and sellers to approach the market as it’s easier to tell just what you’re getting. Of course, nobody does a better job of helping you interpret what housing prices mean than your local REALTOR® –here when life happens. We may have mentioned that last month too!


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