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Ask John Carle – When Can I Get My Keys?

Hi John;

We have carpet cleaners booked for next Friday morning, which is our possession date. Can you make sure we get our keys early?

– Rob & Jennifer

Hi Jen;

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no control or influence on when we get the keys. The process goes as follows:

1. Your lawyer will prepare a bank draft for the proceeds of the sale. If she’s late or has a lot of closings to prepare that day, we’ll close late.

2. A courier will pick up the draft, and deliver it to the seller’s lawyer. If he is late, we’re late. If he has a route and the seller’s lawyer is at the end of the route, we’ll close late. If he gets caught in traffic, construction, or gets a flat tire; we’ll close late.

3. The seller’s lawyer will receive the cheque and compare it against the closing documents. If he’s in an appointment, golfing, or on a phone call… we’ll close late.

4. The lawyer calls the seller’s realtor to release the keys to us. If SHE is in an appointment, the shower, or doesn’t check her pager immediately… well, you get the picture.

5. The contract states possession at noon. If the seller’s lawyer wants to be a stickler for the contract, and lawyers often are, then no matter what time the money is couriered we won’t get the release of keys until noon.

SO. My advice is to book the carpet cleaners for the next day. Otherwise you’ll have issues.

John’s 1st Rule for a Smooth Closing: Don’t book anything for possession day. You’ll regret it if you do!

John Carle
ReMax Real Estate
Edmonton Real Estate Agent


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