St Albert Alberta

St Albert, Alberta

Located directly to the NorthWest of Edmonton Alberta, St. Albert has a population of approximately 60,000 people. One of the most noticeable characteristics of this great community is the abundance of trees and parks. If you stand at the top of the valley, looking into St. Albert you can’t see most of the community for the trees.

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Considered to be a very affluent community, St. Albert has a long tradition as a family community. Much of the focus revolves around children and family. The crime rate is very low when compared to other communities of a similar size.

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St. Albert Homes for Sale

The majority of people in St. Albert own their homes; there are relatively few rental projects in the area. Of course there are some. Because of this high level of home ownership, residents are very aware of any St. Albert homes for sale and have a good sense of what’s happening in the St. Albert real estate market.

There is an abundance of St. Albert real estate agents to choose from, with most major franchises having local offices. Interestingly enough, the majority of St Albert homes for sale are being marketed my Realtors from the neighboring city of Edmonton. ReMax has approximately a 60% market share of the St. Albert real estate market.

When looking for St Albert homes for sale, you will have a good selection of quality condos and houses to choose from with the majority of them being in relatively quiet locations.

St. Albert has been designed to keep traffic on residential streets to a minimum. The residential roads are built in circles and curves, making the major thoroughfares more appealing for getting around. As such, most of the homes are located in quiet locations.


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St. Albert has a lot of pride in it’s community. The residents are very particular in reminding outsiders that they are not from Edmonton, they are from St. Albert. Their pride in the community shows all over the area, and you’ll notice very little littering and vandalism. Most of the crime is of a petty nature, much of it caused by teenages with too much time on their hands. Major crimes are very rare in this community.

Here is a list of the neighbourhoods found in St. Albert, each will link you to a list of properties for sale in that area.



Deer Ridge


Erin Ridge

Forest Lawn

Grandin Park

Heritage Lakes

Inglewood Park


Lacombe Park

Mission Park

North ridge



Regency Heights